The Whisper Claws are a clan that formed in June of 1998. This makes them the fourth ever clan to be created. While the clan is built up mostly of snipers, they have 


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also been known to wreak havoc in vehicles.


The clan formed when the leader, Hovakk, and several friends began to win tournaments. They began to work as a team, laying waste to enemies in their way. In fact, the only time the Whisper Claws have ever lost a tournament was against the illustrious Dragons. After losing to the Dragons, the Whisper Claws resigned to playing as a clan online where they fought such notable clans as the DemosMOA, and The Captain Rock-Claimers. They seemed unable to win; this is arguably due to them challenging the most powerful clans on the internet.

After February of 2014, after a rematch with the MOA, (now known as Masters of All) the clan went into a spiral of non-stop losses. It is unknown if they will ever recover.

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