A clan with the goal to unite the community.

The Antano Republic is a moderately powerful clan led by former second in command of Shadow Operations Army (who no longer exists), XRetroxxBlueX. For this reason, the clan is often harassed by SOA which has led to three small clan wars that usually last around an hour. (with the exception of one that lasted 13 hours)


XRetroxxBlueX was once a leader of the SOA but left with his own goals of unifying all clans to stop the violence between them all and meeting new people. He dreams of a world where all clans coexist peacefully. (which defeats the purpose of being in a clan) At one time, they have had up to 15 members as XRetroxxBlueX prefers to keep his operations simple. He admits there is little history to tell about his clan other than that they were formed in November of 2013. 

What sets the Antano Republic apart from other clans is that their ranks resemble military ranks but despite this serious exterior, they still enjoy having a good laugh, usually at their leader's expense.