The Masters of All is our target and their death shall be our prize

The Neo-Dragons is a clan that was formed after the Dragons lost to the MOA in 2008. 


The Neo-Dragons are a clan with a deep hatred of the Masters of All and despise the Dragons for merging with them. Their goal is to show the Dragons the "nature and ferocity that true dragons have." 

Widely respected and undoubtedly the most powerful clan that has branched off of the Dragons, the Neo-Dragons were originally named the Dragon Fangs and only contain one member of the original Dragon clan. The clan is mostly comprised of elite gamers and specialists, not unlike the Masters of All. 
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"We are destruction incarnate and victory personified."

The Neo-Dragons want nothing more than to defeat the Masters of All but no war has happened between the two yet. It is highly unlikely the Master of All hasn't heard of the Neo-Dragons as they are the only clan with a larger win-loss record than that of the Masters of All. Boasting a very impressive 872 wins and 0 losses, the Neo-Dragons have crushed many clans that believed they were the best. 

The most notable war the Neo-Dragons have had was with the Demos, another clan that branched off the Dragons. Despite the Demos being highly trained and exceptionally skilled, they reportedly only scored four kills on the Neo-Dragons.
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Symbol of the Neo-Dragons

The Neo-Dragons are described as being silent and very quick. Their strategy is very offense-based and are able to effortlessly overwhelm their opponents quickly and keep the battle in their favor. It has been specualted that they are recruiting members from the defensive powerhouse clan known as the Captain Rock-Claimers.

Notable MembersEdit

Shandore - Leader and founder

DarkBreath - Second in command (was a member of the Dragons)


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