The fearsome emblem of the Dragons

The Dragons of Platinum Peak (or more commonly Dragons) are a video game clan formed in 2003 that merged with the Masters of All after their monumental war with them in 2008.


Jeffrey Burwell started this clan in November of 2003 after winning the 2003 Regional Championship in Phoenix, Arizona.

Not much is known about what his requirements were to join but at one time, the Dragons had around 2,500 members. 

In 2006, the Dragons won over 30 championships and seemed unbeatable. Some members had run-ins with LOA members during individual practicing and notified Jeffrey of this. Burwell began attempting to contact the LOA to schedule a war. The LOA's hiatus ended in 2008 and they became the MOA. They accepted the Dragons' challenge and scheduled the war between the two clans December 6, 20

08 with the stakes being that if the Dragons won, the MOA would disband and if the MOA won, the Dragons would merge with them. 

About a week before their match Jeffrey (Darkside) and six other Dragons attacked several MOA members in the hopes of weakening their ranks and morale. Among these members was the leader of the MOA, Zyrus, who broke Darkside's arm and put him in the hospital making him unable to participate in the war.

The MOA member Xaan, whom Darkside had hired in the past to eliminate the MOA, 


visited Darkside in the hospital and offered to take over the Dragons in his absence.

The Dragons lost to the MOA and Xaan made sure they followed through with their agreement.

Notable Members

Dragon King - Darkside

Prince Dragons - Fledge, KillZone

Commanders - DarkBreath, EmperorDoom, MAXKILL