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Demons of the Realm of Night

The Demos are a clan that originated in early 2009 after the Dragons lost to the LOA.


The core members of Demos were originally high-ranking members of the Dragons. After the Dragons lost to the LOA. rather than following the terms of the war and merge with the LOA, these members split from the Dragons and became their own clan with the goal of destroying the LOA.

Darkside (leader of the Dragons) contacted these members numerous times and attempted to convince them to join but the Demos would not be deterred.

The Demos began training rigorously and almost non-stop with nothing in mind but defeating the LOA. They memorized some of the LOA's strategies and trained specifically against them.

At one point in February of 2009, the Demos started to practice against other clans. The ensuing battles were savage with the Demos completely shutting down most opponents and usually suffering no more than six deaths per war. The LOA learned of this and challenged the Demos. The challenge was accepted almost instantly.

The war between the Demos and the LOA seemed very even. The winner would be the first to 80 points and both clans reached 70 at the same time. Tondra, leader of the Demos, began to worry and switched to a defensive strategy; while his men were falling back, three of them were picked off by LOA's legendary sniper, Blank.

The Demos waited out the LOA for three hours. The LOA patiently waited with Blank picking off members whenever they popped their heads out of cover to peek at the LOA. With the score 79-71, Tondra snuck to the LOA's base undetected, picked a member, and attacked. Unfortunately, Tondra's target was the worst he could have picked. Tondra was soundly defeated by the LOA member, Xaan.

After their defeat, the Demos were offered to join the LOA. Most members finally accepted their defeat and became part of the LOA. The two most high-ranking members of the Demos refused and continued to plot against the LOA.


  • The Demos were the first clan to break away from the Dragons.
  • The demos were the first anti-MOA clan, excluding the Dragons. (Whose status as such is debatable)
  • Until their fight with the LOA, the only clan war the Demos lost was against the Dragon Fangs. (Another breakoff of the Dragons who later became the Neo-Dragons)

Notable Members

Tondra - Leader

Xellik - Second in command

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